Within 24 hours of this meeting we were going to open houses and seeing homes.

We were at the end of our rope. We had a loan but could not find a home in the area we wanted to live in. We had been with an agent for 7 months who had us write offers on homes that we were not qualified to purchase ( VA Loan). We wasted 7 months with this agent. A utterly horrible experience. In stepped Barbara and her team.They shared with us what they expected us of and what we could expect of them. This was exactly what we needed. They took what our wants and needs were and sent us custom automated MLS listings. Not like the other agent who said he could not control what what we received from he MLS listings, we received what we were looking for. Within 24 hours of this meeting we were going to open houses and seeing homes. Did I mention that we gave them a deadline? Due to our previous agents incompetence we stared to go thru all of our reserves extending our current lease and were against the wall when we met with Barbara and her team. We only had 12 days to find a home, submit an offer and enter escrow before we needed to sign a new 1 year lease on a rental. Challenge accepted. We met on a Sunday. Found a home that we wanted on that Thursday. Wrote an offer on Friday. Started Escrow on Monday. Did I mention my Lender and The Radke Agency worked very close and we did a VA loan with a 30-day escrow? Right, when does that happen nowadays? The comp process and offer experience is something I need to mention. They were all over this. They nailed it. We wrote a smart offer that reflected market value. We were very happy. Yes we went back and forth with the seller but in the end we were still below what we initially discussed as a final offer. I would call that a win win. We did not pay more and it was all due to their skills determining the market value. We know feel that we have a friend in the real estate business for life. Guess what, were young,this will not be our only home. Guess who will get our listing when we sell? Barbara. My kids absolutely loved when they asked them what they wanted in their first home. They feel as if the wants they gave came true. Tonight we had our weekly family dinner in our new home. The home we now own. All of this, all of this is due to the hard work of Barbara and her team at Keller Williams.

— La Torra Family